Alhumdulillah, I was finally able to finish the formal study of the Ajrumiyyah today. Ever since hearing of this text so many years ago I had hoped to study it with someone in a way that it would make sense.

It was also an ambition of mine to study this blessed text with a Mauritanian scholar, I oftened wondered how this would come about…and he made me meet Sheikh Muhammad al-Mahdi al-Haaj Ali al-Shinqiti in a furniture shop in the sleepy town of Bida Zayed (UAE). The rest as they say is history. The Sheikh was more than welcoming, giving me a copy of Sh. Murabit al-Haaj’s Sharh of the text to photocopy (incidentally I had been eagerly looking for this gem) and after every Isha prayer every day he gave up some of his time to teach me in his masjid. May Allah (the exalted) give him the best of rewards.

I scanned some of the post it notes I scribbled the text on to revise from as I would walk back from work, and on my way to the masjid (yes my handwriting is terrible).

Note: We read the poem version of the Ajrumiyyah, popularly known as ‘Ubaid Rabbihi’



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