An Important Principle When Making Dua

Remember: When making dua always couple any request with a statement along the lines of “O Allah please grant me XYZ if it is good for me, or grant me better than this.” This is because it is very much possible you may ask for a matter which will have negative consequences. It is reported in some narrations that a companion repeatedly requested the Messenger of Allah: “I ask you to pray to Allah for me for immense wealth” – and this ultimately resulted in severe negative consequences for him due to his being unable to deal properly with his wealth.

Shaykh Abul Hasan al-Shadhili said:

If Allah gives you a choice in a matter, beware of making a specific choice in your dua, rather turn to Allah’s choice (in requesting what is best), for you have no knowledge of how matters will turn out.

Lawaqi al-Anwar 1.434

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