Anfas al-Arifin: A Journey to Ajmer

Salam.  Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi mentions the following story in his wonderful ‘Anfas al-Arifin’ regarding his father’s miracles.  I have on reasonably good authority an incident similar to this occurring in recent times with Shaykh Mahmud Effendi in Istanbul (may Allah تعالى  protect him and give him health).  Shah Sahib said pg.134:

He said:  Muhammad Fazil wanted to send his son to Ajmer and due to the presence of danger of the route also wanted to go with him.  When he came to bid farewell I said to him:  “Your going is not necessary because he will return safely, yes however two stops (manzil) from Ajmer bandits will attack the caravan and his protection is our responsibility. But explain to him that at this time to move his cart to one side”.

When this time came Hazrat focussed towards there and during his focus discomfort was evident on his body.  Those present all asked so he replied that an arduous journey of some days has tired me.

When that boy returned he informed that there were bandits there, I moved my cart to one side, there the image of Hazrat’s form was present.  The bandits looted the whole caravan but my cart was protected.

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