Anfas al-Arifin: Meeting a Majdhub

Salam.  I came across the following recently which I thought was of interest.  Shah Waliullah al-Dihlawi says regarding his father in ‘Anfas al-Arifin’:

My respected father said:  One night I was passing through Akbarabad when an ascetic with the appearance of a Majdhub came in front of me and began to mention the names of the Majdhubs of the age.  He said in Shaam there is such and such Majdhub, in Rum is such and such Majdhub etc.  In my heart occured that if only he would mention the names of the Majdhubs in India.

At the occurence of this thought in my heart he began to count the names of the Majdhubs in India.  During this he said such and such Majdhub is very good (the writer thinks that this view was regarding the Majdhub called ‘Behka’) and such and such and such person is a partial Majdhub.  The writer thinks that he said this in regards to the majdhub called ‘pira’.

During this the thought occured in my heart that if only if he would mention something regarding the spiritual travellers (salikon) in India.  Immediately becoming aware of this thought he said:  In Akbarabad there is no successor to Khalifah Abul Qasim.  Then turning towards me he said:  Why are you standing here? go away!  And I left that place.

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