Anfas al-Arifin: Urs and Roti

Salam.  Continuing with some points from the very interesting ‘Anfas al-Arifin’ of Sayyidi Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi, the following caught my attention.  Shah Sahib quoting his father says (pg.82-83):

My respected father used to say that:  I saw a khalifah of Khawaja Bairang who despite weakness due to old age had an illuminated face and was a saint of great rank.  He was well known by the name ‘Shaykhi’.  He would celebrate the Urs.  At 6/7 years of age I also attended his Urs a number of times.

The author (Shah Waliullah) says that this saint of great rank’s real name of Shaykh Nimatullah, and he was a descendant of Shaykh al-Islam Khawaja Abdullah al-Ansari.  He was commonly better known as ‘Shaykhi’.  When Shaykh Nimatullah would present himself to Khawaja Bairang he would be extremely kind and generous to him. Hazrat Shaykhi passed away in 1076 Hijri.

After mentioning Khawaja Shaykhi my respected father in a humourous manner made mention of a story. He said: Khawaja was a ‘marde wilayati’.  He would wear a large turban and fine robe.  However in the Urs for tabarruk he would distribute extremely small roti’s.  A witty person said in a joking manner : ‘Miyan Shaykhi your robe is vast and this is your turban, but this is the roti?!’.

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