Benefits of Using a Tasbih


Sh al-Luknawi in his ‘Hadiyyah al-Abrar’ (p.61-62) mentions some of the benefits (fawaid) of using prayer beads, often referred to as a ‘tasbih’ in the lands of India. He (Allah have mercy on him) said regarding its benefits:

From them: Is that it reminds (one) of Allah the Exalted, as has been previously mentioned

From them: Is its helping to continually make dhikr, as everytime a person see’s it remembers that it is a device for dhikr, so it leads him to make rememberance of his lord, as was mentioned by al-Suyuti

From them: Is that in using it is a following of a group of the sufi’s, scholars and muhaddithin, as “Whoever imitates a people is from them”, reported by Abu Dawud and others in marfu form to the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace)

From them: Is that in it is salvation from worldly and next worldly destruction as related by al-Suyuti from a trustworthy person that: He informed him that he was with a convoy on route to Bait al-Maqdis (Jerusalem). They were ambushed by an armed group of Arabs, they robbed the whole convoy and robbed me along with them. When they took my turban the prayer beads fell from my head. When they saw this they said: This a person of the prayer beads, and they returned to me that which they had taken, and I left safe from them.

Al-Suyuti said: Look O brother to the people of this blessed radiant device, and that which is encompassed within it from the good of the dunya and akhirah.
And from them: Is that in it is the performance of the most (number) of the adhkar which are reported with a specified number, as al-Suyuti said: What is meant is that the most of the dhikr which the sunnah has mentioned numbers for is not usually countable with the fingertips. If it is possible to count them (with the fingertips), this busying with it will negate concentration.

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