Divine Protection

Salam. I was looking over the draft translation of a wonderful classical work on the virtues/excellence of the Prophet (Allah bless Him and give Him peace), soon to be released by a publisher I work with. A discussion related to the subject matter below comes up in the text, I submitted the following footnotes lest any confusion may ensue in the mind of the unwary reader who may misunderstand the authors intent. I will post more details closer to the release date of this short booklet which is a must read. Wassalam
Imam Abu Hanifah said in ‘Fiqh al-Akbar’ p.48:
The Prophets (upon them be peace) are free from minor and major sins

Abul Muntaha adds to this in his commentary:
Meaning before Prophethood and after it

Mulla Ali al-Qari in his ‘Sharh Fiqh al-Akbar’ p.69 comments:
This protection/immunity is established for the Prophets before Prophethood and after it according to the more correct opinion

Going on to add importantly that p.73:
In it is a proof that His Prophethood was not limited to that which is after 40 (years of age) as a group have said. Rather there is an indication that from the day of His birth He is attributed with the quality of Prophethood. Rather the hadith: ‘I was a Prophet when Adam was between a soul and body’ is a proof that He was attributed with the quality of Prophethood in the world of souls before the creation of bodies.

Imam Ibn Abidin said in his ‘Rasail’ p.307:
They are protected/immune from minor and major (sins) before Prophethood and after it, whether deliberately or forgetfully

(Taken from Mufti Madarullah Madar’s book on the issue)

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