Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation is an ‘art’ which cannot be attempted based on the cursory reading of various books on the subject, rather we have scholars within our ummah (community) those who have been blessed with the ability to interpret such experiences based on deep understanding and insight (basirah).I was told recently of an interesting incident wherein one of the local Mauritanians saw a dream in which he saw his father at a distance from himself, this was the dream.

For its interpretation he contacted Sh. Muhammad Hasan Dedew al-Shinqiti, a scholar who is known (amongst the Mauritanians atleast) for his ability to decipher any meanings contained within such visions. The story goes that the person who had the dream contacted Sh. Dewdew who replied that it meant that the one who saw the dream was going late to the sermon (khutbah) of the Jumah prayer. The questioner was astounded at the accuracy of the interpretation, as he admitted that he had been going late to the sermons each Friday. Also more astounding was the inference drawn from the dream itself which is not what someone seeing it would expect.

Another dream that Sh. Dedew interpreted was that of someone who saw a large camel tearing up the famous creedal text ‘Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah’, this he interpreted as a particular scholar being imprisoned by a ruler, and he named precisely the scholar and the ruler, which I believe turned out to have occured.

Finally before you all start desperately searching for the Sheikhs contact details, I was informed that he will only interpret dreams if he knows the person, or atleast the person is in front of him in a meeting, as he needs this familiarity/contact with the person in order to interpret correctly. I have heard that the Sheikh has a lecture on the topic, will try to see if I can locate it, if others have information please kindly share.

And with Allah (the Exalted) is Success

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