Dua Before a Dars

A beneficial prayer to be recited before the start of a lesson, written on the first page of a manuscript by a student. I found this in Sheikh Yahya al-Mulla’s edition of the hanafi fiqh text ‘Minhaj al-Raghib Sharh It-haf al-Talib’. May Allah (the exalted) facilitate its translation. For the benefit of those who may not be able to decipher the handwriting I had it typed out below:
اللهم افتحْ عليّ حكمتَكَ وانشرْ عليّ رحمتَكَ
يا ذا الجلالِ والإكرامِ
اللهمّ أخرجْنَا من ظلماتِ الوهمِ وأكرمْنَا بنورِ الفهمِ
اللهمّ افتحْ لنا أبوابَ فضلِك ويسرْ لنا خزائنَ علمِك
ياأرحمَ الراحمين
وصلى اللهُ على سيدنا محمدٍ وعلى آله وصحبِه وسلم

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