Give My Salams To…

Salam. A common custom amongst muslims is the statement: ‘give my salams to so and
so’. I found the following information of benefit in the ‘Mawsuah’.
Passing on Salams
The scholars are agreed that the initiating the greeting of salam is a recommended and virtuous act, and replying to it is obligatory, whether the salam be communicated in the written form or via another person who is asked to convey this greeting (note: one who is asked to convey the salam should ensure that it is communicated to the person intended).
Gibril (Alaihi Salam) Sends His Greeting
Evidence for this can be found in the narration of al-Bukhari (7/106) and Muslim (4/1896) where the Prophet (Allah bless Him and give Him peace) informed Sayyida Aishah (ra) that Gibril (as) sent his salam to her, she replied : ‘Wa Alaihi Salam wa Rahmatullah’
The Required Etiquette
Imam al-Qurtubi said: In the hadith of Aishah is the fiqh that the if a person sends his salam to another, he should reply as in the same manner as if he spoke to him. A man came to the Prophet (Allah bless Him and give Him peace) and said: My father sends his salam to you: He replied: Upon you be peace and upon your father be peace (Wa Alaikas salam Wa Ala Abikas salam)
[The above hadith was narrated by Abu Dawud (5/398) Imam al-Mundhiri said: This chain
contains unknown narrators]

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