Hanafi Ahsai Trends

I posted the message below on another forum, it is reproduced here for fellow students of fiqh who may be interested. May Allah (the Exalted) facilitate the successful completion of the translation projects we have undertaken of some of the texts mentioned below.
With regards to the hanafis in al-Ahsa, when they come to studying fiqh they have some flexibility. Recently the shuyukh there have edited and published the mutun authored by the hanafi ahsai scholars themselves which they have in turned used in their teaching.
For example in the past beginners might study:
Kifayah al-Ghulam: A 150 line poem on aqidah and fiqh al-ibadat
And Wasilah al-Talab: Which is a brief text on aqidah, fiqh and tasawwuf (both were studied by Sh. Yahya as a young boy in al-Ahsa)
Now they are increasingly reading:
Tuhfa al-Mubtadi: Beginners text on taharah and salah
Minhaj al-Raghib Sharh It-haf al-Talib: Commentary on the aqidah/fiqh/tasawwuf text called It-haf al-Talib
Sh. Yahya in al-Ahsa some years ago published the 2000 line poem on fiqh called Tuhfa al-Tullab which covers all the chapters of fiqh. Some students read it with him (some even memorizing parts of it)
Despite this lessons for al-Quduri and al-Hidayah are still taking place currently in al-Ahsa. It seems the ahsai texts are being used more with students who are beginners due to their greater suitability when compared to more traditional texts such as Nur al-Idah.

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