How Are You?


The following caught my attention when reading extracts from Imam al-Dhahabi’s Siyar Ialam al-Nubala ( 4/487-489).  I believe it relates to a discussion that Hajjaj (a ruler known for his harsh temperament and aggressive policies)  had with one of those who fought in an uprising against his rule.   Imam al-Dhahabi cites the following:

It is said that Hajjaj said to Abdul al-Rahman bin  Aidh when he was brought to him: “How are you?”

He replied “Not as how Allah wants me, not as how the Shaitan wants me, and not how I want.”

He (Hajjaj) said “Woe be to you, what are you saying?”

He replied “Yes, Allah wants that I be an ascetic( zahid) slave, and I am not like this.  The Shaitan wants me to be wayward sinner and I am not like this.  I want to be left alone in my home, safe amongst my family, but I am not in such a situation.”

Hajjaj said “Iraqi manners, Shaami by birth and our neighbour when we were in al-Taif.  Free him.”


See Fawaid al-Gharra (2/584)

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