Hows the weather?


When reading the passage below I was reminded of the popularity of discussions surrounding the weather which seems to be common in many cultures and countries, and from the passage below it seems it was so in the past as well.

It also reminded me of one scholar I met and was introduced to for the first time.  I greeted him and proceeded to the normal pleasantries such as asking how he was, my enquiry about the state of his health was met with silence.  Thinking perhaps he had not heard my question I repeated it again and finally received a response after a pause.  What became apparent to me was that this person was analysing everything he said out of his scrupulousness to avoid uttering anything which might be a cause of regret on the day when we will be taken to account.  May we have the tawfiq to learn from the example of this scholar.

Imam al-Dhahabi said in his biography of Shaykh al-Islam Muafa bin Imran [Siyar 9/80-86]:

A man once said:  It is very cold today
Muafa turned to him and said: Have you warmed up now?! If you were to remain silent it would be better for you

Imam al-Dhahabi commented on this saying:

A statement such as this is permissible, but they would dislike unnecessary talk.  The scholars have differed over permissible talk, do the two angels record it or do they not record except the desirable (mustahab) which contains reward, and the offensive for which there are consequences?  The correct view is that all of them are recorded due to the generality of the text in His (Most High’s) words: ‘He does not utter any word except that with him is an observer prepared (to record)’.
The two angels are not cognizant of intentions and sincerity, rather they record that which is articulated, as for the inner thoughts which lead to articulation then Allah is aware of them.

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