Indian Chain for The Dalail al-Khayrat and Qasidah al-Burda

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The ‘Dalail al-Khayrat’ and ‘Qasidah al-Burda’ are two devotional texts which continue to be immensely popular in the Indian subcontinent (and in the West by means of the descendants of Muslims from this area).  I found some chains of narration for these two texts in the ‘Al-Intibah fi Salasil al-Awliyah’ of Shah Waliullah which may be of interest to readers, not least because the almost all of the chains of hadith transmitted today to Madrassa students in the Indian subcontinent link back to Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi.  Shah Sahib said in his aforementioned work citing his chain for the ‘Dalail al-Khayrat’:

As for the Dalail al-Khayrat, our Shaykh Abu Tahir informed us of it:

From Shaykh Ahmad al-Nakhli

From Sayyid Abd al-Rahman al-Idrisi well known as al-Mahjub

From his father Ahmad

From his grandfather Muhammad

From his father’s grandfather Ahmad

From its author the noble Sayyid Muhammad bin Sulayman al-Jazuli, Allah have mercy on him.

Shah Sahib also mentioned his chain for the well known Qasidah al-Burda as follows:

As for the Qasida Burda, Abu Tahir informed us of it:

From Shaykh Ahmad al-Nakhli

From Muhammad bin al-Ala al-Amili

From Saalim al-Suhuri

From Najm al-Ghayti [sic]

From Shaykh al-Islam Zakariyyah

From Abu Ishaq al-Sahili

From Salah Muhammad bin Muhammad bin al-Hasan al-Shadhili

From Ali bin Jabir al-Hashimi

From its author Sharaf al-Din Muhammad bin Saeed Hammad al-Busiri, Allah have mercy on him.

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