Jawharah Tawhid Review Lesson

Jawharah 1-20 Overview


Please see a message below for a project I am involved with.  The image above is a draft page from the skeleton notes.

Dear all, Asalaamu alaykum warahmatulLah,

A review of the Jawharah al-Tawhid poem in aqeedah, lines 1-20 will take place this Friday the 16th of October. This class is relevant to all students who have an interest in aqeedah. It is of particular significance to those who have attended our monthly Jawharah al-Tawhid classes as it will reinforce what has been covered along with important additional points and a set of skeleton notes. Those who have not attended these classes but have some previous study of aqeedah such as the Islamic Belief module of CIL are welcome to attend.

Venue: Castlefield community centre in High Wycombe (HP12 3LL)

Timing: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Date:  Friday 16-Oct-2015

Please confirm attendance by emailing: info@daralhadith.org.uk

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