Malfuzat: Becoming A Shaykh


I was recently came across some works of relating to the Naqshabandi Mujaddidi order, more specifically Shaykh Mazhar Jan-e-Janan and Shaykh Abdullah al-Dihlawi (the guide of Shaykh Khalid al-Baghdadi) who is better known Shaykh Ghulam Ali Dihlawi in the subcontinent.  I hope to post more in the future about the Khanqah Mazhariyyah in Delhi which is still in existence till today.  The following caught my attention from the Malfuzat of Shaykh Abdullah al-Dihlawi:

19 Jamadi al-Ula 1231 Hijri. Thursday
This needy one attended the gathering of great spiritual emanations. My spiritual guide said:

“A person is not able to become a Shaykh and not deserving to sit to guide except when he possesses knowledge of essential legal issues.

And that he possess knowledge of the ten stations (maqamat-e-ashara) of the Sufis, which are reliance, conviction, asceticism, patience etc.

And that he regard it necessary to abstain from the company of worldly people and that he benefit from the company of the noble scholars.

And that he be a person of spiritual unveiling (kashf) or that he be able to refrain from thoughts of other than Allah.

His outward should be in conformity of the pure shariah and his inward with the spiritual path”.

After this he said:

“Which spiritual state of mine can I manifest which is as this statement of Urfi:

When I prostrated on the ground, from the ground there came a cry
By your prostration due to showing off you have soiled me
When I went to make tawaf of the Kaba the road of the Haram called out
What have you been doing outside the House, such that now you (dare) commit inside the House”

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