Mawlid And The Scholars of India -3: Sh Abd al-Haq al-Dihlawi

nabi 2

Salam.  I found some additional material on the Mawlid from one of the major scholars of the subcontinent.  We have mentioned something from him previously in the original post on the topic.

Shaykh Abd al-Haq Muhaddith al-Dihlawi said in his ‘Akhbar al-Akhyar’ (pg.624):

O Allah, there is no action of mine which I deem worthy of presenting to you, lack of sincere intentions remains present in all of my actions.  However this lowly and needy one has one act which purely because of Your personal care is very great  which is that in the gathering of Milad I stand and recite Salam. And without utmost humility, love and sincerity have been sending salutations and peace upon your pure beloved (Allah bless him and give him peace).

O Allah, Is there a place where there is a greater descending of your grace and blessings than the blessed Milad?  Because of this O Most Merciful I have a firm conviction that this action of mine will not be worthless but will most certainly accepted by you.  And whom so ever recites salutations and blessings and then by means of it supplicates it is never rejected.

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