Mawlid Mecca 2015



Above is a picture taken at a mawlid in Mecca at the home of Sidi Fuad Ibrahim Usta in the month of Rabi al Awwal 2015.

In the distance on the left you can just about make out the current principal of the Sawlatiyyah school Shaykh Majid Rehmatullah.

I managed to have a brief conversation with him after the mawlid during which he clarified that the Sawlatiyyah is not aligned to either the Deobandi nor Barelwi schools of the subcontinent.

Alhumdulillah it was a beautiful event with some talented young munshids in attendance.

I have some recordings of the gathering but multiple attempts to upload here have been unsuccessful unfortunately.




  1. Salam Alaykum,

    Madrassa Sawlatiyyah was opened by Shaykh Rahmatullah Khayranvi (rahimullah) after he was forced to leave India by British. A Widower financed provided funds to open and finance Madrassa Sawlatiyyah. Uptil death of Shaykh Madrassa was Sunni (i.e. Barelwi) in orientation. After death of Shaykh Deobandis joined Madrassa as teachers and gradually it was taken over by Deobandis. It has remained in their control ever since.

  2. There are some Deobandi teachers there, yes, but also other teachers who are not Deobandi. The principal is not a Deobandi as far as I know.

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