Protection from Haram Food

Remember: The food and drink you consume – specifically from the haram – will impact on your spiritual state at a number of levels. This is not limited to checking the ingredients or searching for the vegetarian symbol, it also extends to haram sources of wealth. So take care as much as possible in this regard.

Shaykh Ali al-Khawwas (God have mercy on him) said:

It is incumbent upon every believer in this age if food or drink is presented to them to not eat except before saying: O Allah: if there is any haram source in this food, then divert it away from me. If You will not divert it away from me then do not let it remain in my stomach. If You will let it remain in my stomach then then protect me from any disobedience which results from it. And if You will not protect me from disobedience then grant me the ability to make sincere repentance. And if repentance is not written for me then do not take me to account O Most Generous and Merciful.

Lawaqi al-Anwar 1.245 of Imam al-Sharani

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