Raising Hands After Standing from Tashahhud – Hanbali

Raising the hands after getting up from Tashahhud

Some people mistakenly think that raising the hands up to the shoulders at the time of standing up straight from the first tashahhud is the relied upon (Mutamad) position of the Hanbali School.  This is not correct, though it was chosen by some of the Hanbalis such as Al-Majd Ibn Taymiyyah and others.

According to the relied upon position (Mutamad) of the school it is not a sunnah to raise the hands after standing up straight after sitting for the first tashahhud.

Shaykh Mansur al-Buhuti (Allah have mercy on him) said in Sharh al-Muntaha (1/407),

“A person does not raise their hands – because this is not transmitted in many of the narrations, it was authentically reported in some versions, this is why it was chosen by Al-Majd and others.”

Hafiz Ibn Rajab said in his commentary of Bukhari, (4/36),

“Scholars have differed over the raising of hands after standing up from the first tashahhud, the majority of hold that it is not recommended (Mustahab), to the point that Abu Hamid al-Isfaraini, one of the notable Shafi scholars claimed consensus on this point and regarded it as a proof for the abrogation of the hadith in which it is mentioned.  The matter (of consensus) however is not as he claimed!.”

Source: Fawaid Fiqhiyyah from Shaykh Salih al-Asmari.

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