Ramadan Dowra 2013 Clip: Seeking Knowledge


InshAllah we hope to release a set of excerpts from the hours of audio recordings we have from the Ramadan Dowra we ran in both 2013 and 2015 with our teacher, Shaykh Khalid al-Turkestani (Allah protect him) from the sacred city of Mecca.

Please find below an excerpt from the opening gathering in 2013 discussing sacrifices in the path of seeking knowledge which serves as a reminder for us all.  The translation in this gathering was undertaken by Shaykh Thaqib Mahmood (Allah reward him).

About Shaykh Khalid al-Turkestani

Shaykh Khalid was born in the city of Mecca where his ancestors had migrated to from Central Asia after it came under communist rule.  He grew up in the Jarwal district of Mecca and whilst a university student was lead to his teacher, the great hadith master of his age, Shaykh Muhammad Yasin al-Fadani whose close company he kept for the last three years of his life.  After his teacher’s passing he continued his studies with numerous other scholars, such as Sayyid Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki with whom he read a number of works in depth with commentary such as the whole of Sahih al-Bukhari; the whole of Mukhtasar Sahih Muslim of Imam al-Mundhiri; the whole of the Mishkat al-Masabih over an 18 year period of discipleship.  He also studied Aqidah, Shafi fiqh, logic and other sciences with teachers such as Sayyid Ahmad al-Ruyqaymi as well as graduating from the Umm al-Qura university.  He currently works as a primary school teacher in Mecca and is among the teaching staff in the private school in the home of Sayyid Abbas al-Maliki (Allah have mercy on him).

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