Respecting the Quran

Salam. Muslims from the Indo-Pak region are known for the manner in which they show respect to the Quran, which can be at times be in sharp contrast to some rather modern attitudes of some Muslims in the Arab world. I thought I would present some brief (but by no means exhaustive) points on this issue adapted from a longer discussion in Arabic. I hope this brief amount none the less be of benefit for those who may have an interest in this issue. [Note: The word Mushaf is used to refer to a copy of the Quran]


A Hadith on Showing Respect to Holy Books
Abdullah bin Umar (Allah be pleased with Him said) as reported in Abu Dawud (4449) :

A group of Jews came and invited the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless Him and give Him peace) to al-Quff [a valley of Madinah]. So He came to them in their place of study. They said: O Abu Qasim, a man amongst us fornicated with a woman so judge between them. They placed a cushion for the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless Him and give Him peace) which He sat on. He then called for the Torah which was brought, and He removed the cushion from underneath Himself and placed the Torah on it, and said: I believe in you and the One who revealed you….’
Note: If this is the case with the Torah, then what about the Noble Quran?


Sh. al-Shinqiti Explains in a Unique Way
Sh. Atiyyah Muhammad Saalim mentions a story relevant to this issue. He said that Sh. al-Shinqiti (the author of Adwa al-Bayan) was praying next to a man, the man next to him placed his shoes on top of the mushaf. When Sh. al-Shinqiti saw this he picked up the mushaf and held it.
After completing the prayer the man questioned Sh. al-Shinqiti as to why he picked up and held the mushaf? And did he have an evidence that his act of placing his shoes upon the mushaf was unlawful?
Sh. al-Shinqiti replied by placing the shoes on the mans head which resulted in him getting rather angry!

Legal Verdicts On Placing the Mushaf on the Floor
From those scholars who have forbidden the placing of the mushaf on the floor are Sh. Illish of the Maliki school in his work ‘Fath al-Aliyy al-Malik’ (2/360)
We ask Allah (the Exalted) to increase our link with the Quran in the terms of respect, recitation and reflection. Ameen.

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