Seek Knowledge Even to China Hadith


The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) is reported to have said,

“Seek knowledge, even if it be in China, for the seeking of knowledge is compulsory upon every Muslim.”

Imam al-Ajluni in his Kashf al-Khafa commenting on the grading of this narration said, “Reported by Bayhaqi, Khatib, Ibn Abd al-Barr, Daylami and others from Anas. It is weak (daif), rather Ibn Hibban said it was false (batil) and Ibn al-Jawzi mentioned it in his collection of fabricated narrations.

However this was disputed as per the view of Hafiz al-Mizzi, namely that this hadith has chains of transmission which may collectively reach the level of Hasan. Likewise the view of Dhahabi in Talkhis al-Wahiyat that this hadith in narrated via a number of severely weak routes of transmission, some of which are however strong.”

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