Self Denial


How to be “pious” and deal with worldly comforts is something which scholars of the past have discussed in great detail, and can be referred to.  I found the following brief point related to this from Imam al-Dhahabi which I would like to share with readers (note: rough translation).  He said as cited in Fawaid al-Gharra (1/555/556):

Abu Muhammad al-Jariri said:  I heard al-Junayd say:  “We did not take tasawwuf from words, but from hunger, leaving the world and abandoning comfort”

Imam al-Dhahabi commenting on this said:

This is good, and he means:  Abandoning most comforts, leaving excess from the dunya, and hunger without going to extremes.

As for the one who practices hunger significantly-as done by priests-and reject all of the dunya, the comforts of the self such as food, sleep, and family. He has presented himself with a grave tribulation.

Perhaps there is confusion in his intellect, and by this he misses out from much of the upright and tolerant religion الحنفية السمحة.  Indeed Allah has made for everything a measure, and success is in the following of the sunan.  Therefore weigh up matters with justice, fast and then break your fast, sleep and then wake, be persistently scrupulous in your provision, and be content with that which Allah has apportioned for you.  Be silent except for good.

Allah have mercy on al-Junayd, and where are the likes of al-Junayd in terms of his knowledge and spiritual state?

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