Sh. Abdullah al-Mulla (Allah have mercy on him)

Salam. I listed in a previous post some of the names of the scholars from the hanafi family of al-Ahsa known as ‘al-Mulla’. One of their well known members passed away in January of this year, may Allah have mercy on him. In the list of scholars mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I briefly wrote the following:
16- Sh. Abdullah bin Abd al-Rahman al-Mulla: Born in the year 1330, he took from the scholars of al-Ahsa, then studied in India at Dar al-Ulum Deoband. After graduating from Dar al-Ulum Deoband he taught at the al-Amiriyah madrassa in al-Ahsa. He also opened a bookshop named ‘Maktaba al-Tawun al-Thaqafi.
Unfortunately when I was in al-Ahsa last year I was unable to meet him due to his being in a comatose state, it seems he had been ill for some time. He passed away aged approximately 98 years old. May Allah (the Exalted) protect all of our scholars and give them a long life such that we can benefit from them. A picture of the Sheikh can be found above

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