Sh. Badr Ali Shah

Sh. Badr Ali Shah
(Adapted from al-Dur al-Thamin p.61)
He is the Muhaddith, Sayyid Badr Ali Shah, one of the students the great Muhaddith Fadl al-Rahman al-Ganj al-Muradabadi. He was born on the 14th of Shawwal in the year 1238 in the village of Mirfur in the vicinity of Illahabad.
He travelled to Egypt in pursuit of knowledge and spent 17 years there, returning to India after his graduating from the university of al-Azhar in the year 1869 (CE). He kept the close company of Sh. Fadl al-Rahman al-Ganj al-Muradabadi and benefited greatly from him.
Sh. Badr took up a position of teaching and guiding students of knowledge. It is mentioned that he had memorized ‘Sahih al-Bukhari’, was firmly grounded in the sacred sciences and was a pious worshipper. However he did not achieve wide notoriety nor fame like other contemporaries of his. From the many students that benefited from him were Sh. Muhammad Ahmad al-Bartabakri.
Sh. Badr passed away in the year 1354 (AH) corresponding to 1935 (CE) at the advanced age of 116. May Allah (the Exalted) have mercy on him and all of our pious scholars who quietly taught and whose names have been forgotten.
For more details refer to: ‘Diya al-Badr’ of Sh. Abd al-Ghaffar al-Nadwi, ‘Tadhkirah al-Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad al-Bartabakdhi’ (p.10-11)

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