Sh. Muhammad al-Mulla

Salam, just a short while ago I received this picture of Sh. Muhammad al-Mulla. Some information regarding the Sheikh is mentioned elsewhere on this blog (in a number of posts). Summarizing briefly, he studied in al-Ahsa with its scholars, and then travelled to the Hijaz where he graduated from the Madrassa al-Sawlatiyyah. I would like to add here that from amongst the scholars he studied with the following maybe mentioned:

In al-Ahsa:

1- His father Sh. Abu Bakr bin Abdullah al-Mulla, with whom he studied Fiqh, Tafsir and Hadith

2- Sh. Abd al-Aziz bin Salih al-Ulji, with whom he studied Arabic and related sciences

3- Sh. Abd al-Aziz al-Akkas, with whom he studied Fiqh and Usul

4- Sh. Abd al-Latif al-Jafari and other scholars

In the Hijaz:

1- Sh. Sayyid Abbas bin Abd al-Aziz al-Maliki

2- Sh. Abd al-Sattar al-Dehlawi al-Siddiqi

3- Sh. Saeed al-Yamani

4- Sh. Abu Hafs Umar bin Abi Bakr Ba Junaid al-Makki

5- Sh. Muhammad al-Khidr al-Shinqiti

6- Sh. Khalifah bin Hamd bin Nabhan

7- Sh. Abdullah Niyazi

8- Sh. Abd al-Baqi al-Ansari al-Ayyubi al-Luknawi

9-Sh. Muhammad bin Habibullah al-Shinqiti

10- Sh. Isa Rawwas

11- Sh. Hussein Abd al-Ghani

12- Sh. Muhammad Ali bin Hussein al-Maliki

13- Sh. Abu Hafs Umar bin Hamdan al-Mahrasi

14- Sh. Abd al-Qadir bin Tawfiq al-Shibli al-Madani

15- Sh. al-Sharif Muhammad Abd al-Hayy al-Kattani

16- Sh. Muhammad al-Arabi al-Tabbani al-Husseini


Till relatively recently al-Ahsa was a centre of learning for the Persian Gulf region, students would come from nearby Gulf countries and sometimes further to study there. An insight into this lies in the range of backgrounds of the Sheikhs students:

His students from al-Ahsa:

1- Sh. Muhammad bin Abdullah Abu Bakr al-Mulla

2- Sh. Ahmad bin Abdullah Abu Bakr al-Mulla

3- Sh. Abdullah bin Muhammad Abu Bakr al-Mulla

4- Sh. Abd al-Latif bin Abdullah al-Arfaj

5- Sh. Abd al-Latif bin Muhammad al-Nuaim

6- Sh. Abdullah bin Salih al-Mulhim

7- Sh. Abd al-Aziz bin Yahya al-Yahya

8- Sh. Muhammad bin Abd al-Rahman al-Khatib

9- Sh. Abdullah al-Umair

10- Sh. Ibrahim bin Muhammad al-Buraikan

11- Sh. Ibrahim bin Abdullah al-Khalifah

12- Sh. Yahya bin Muhammad al-Mulla

His Students from Kuwait:

1- Sh. Ahmad al-Ghanam

2- Sh. Khalil al-Farisi

His Students from Bahrain:

1- Sh. Yusuf al-Siddiqi

2- Sh. Abdullah al-Fadalah

3- Sh. Abdullah bin Huzaim

4- Sh. Isa bin Muhammad bin Isa bin Rashid

His Students from Qatar:

1- Sh. Abdullah bin Ibrahim al-Ansari

2- Sh. Abdullah al-Mutawwa

His Students from Oman:

1- Sh. Sayf al-Sabiri

2- Sh. Ali bin Sulaiman al-Buraiki

His Students from Yemen:

1- Sh. Muhammad al-Yafi’i

2- Sh. Sultan al-Mamari

His Students from Iran/Persia:

1- Sh. Abdullah Rafi’

2- Sh. Ibrahim al-Farisi

His Students from Pakistan:

1- Sh. Muhammad Afdal Mumtaz al-Lahori

2- Sh. Yaqub al-Balushi

3- Sh. Muhammad Amin

His Student from Bangladesh:

1- Sh. Jafar Ahmad al-Bengali

His Student from Palestine:

1-Sh. Abd al-Salam Abu Shakhaidam

May Allah (the Exalted) have mercy/protect all those mentioned in this post

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