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June 10, 2008

Sh. Muhammad Ishaq al-Dehlawi

Sh. Muhammad Ishaq al-Dehlawi
(Adapted from al-Durr al-Thamin p.80-81)

He is the Imam, the Muhaddith and Musnid, Abu Suleiman Muhammad Ishaq bin Muhammad Afdal al-Umari al-Dehlawi, the one who migrated to Makka and is buried there. He was the grandson of Sh. Abd al-Aziz bin Waliullah al-Dehlawi.

He was born with eight days remaining from the month of Dhul Hijjah in Dehli.

Sh. Muhammad Ishaq studied with Sh. Abd al-Hayy bin Hibatullah al-Burhanawi and Sh. Abd al-Qadir bin Waliullah al-Dehlawi.

He read all of the works of the traditional curriculum of the Islamic sciences with Sh. Abd al-Aziz, and was regarded similar as a son to him, for he took up his teaching position after him and benefited the people.

Sh. Muhammad Ishaq travelled to the two holy sanctuaries in the year 1240 where he performed the pilgrimage and visitation. He took ijaza in hadith from Sh. Umar bin Abd al-Karim bin Abd al-Rasul al-Makki and then returned back to India.

He taught in the city of Dehli for sixteen years and then migrated to Makkah with all of his family in the year 1258 and settled there after performing the pilgrimage and visitation for a second time.

The author of ‘Nuzhat al-Khawatir’ listed the names of his students, amongst them being:
Sh. Abd al-Ghani al-Dehlawi
Al-Sayyid Nadhir Hussein al-Dehlawi
Sh. Ahmad Ali al-Saharanpuri.

It is mentioned that he was fortunate that a number of his students went on to become well known for their proficiency in the science of hadith, with a large number of students studying with them. To the point that there was no chain of narration for hadith in India except that which was traced back through him. Indeed this is a blessing from Allah (the Exalted) which He bestows upon whom He wills.

It is recorded that Sh. Muhammad Ishaq would be heavily engrossed in worship, was well known for his knowledge and scrupulousness amongst other praiseworthy qualities, in addition to his leadership in his time of the teaching of hadith.

He passed away in Makka in the year 1262, may Allah (the Exalted) have mercy on him and all of the believers.

For more information refer to: Nuzhat al-Khawatir (7/15) and Abjad al-Ulum (3/246)

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