Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi's Chain For Hanafi Fiqh


I found the chain of Shah Waliullah for Hanafi fiqh in the second of volume of his Al-Intibah fi Salasil al-Awliyah, also called Ithaf al-Nabih (p.281):

“As for the madhab of Imam Abu Hanifah (Allah have mercy on him) I gained knowledge of it by reading the whole of the Hidayah by means of an in depth study with my master, my father Shaykh Abd al-Rahim except for a small part from the book of Kafalah and Wakalah and that which is between them both. And by the reading of a large part from the ‘Sharh al-Wiqayah’ of Sadr al-Shariah. A portion of ‘al-Tawdih wal-Talwih’ and a large part from ‘Al-Kanz’ of Abul Barakat al-Nasafi, and the book of ‘Al-Husami’ in the principles of fiqh, from its beginning to its end with my master, my father from Mir Zahid from Mulla Fadil with his chain.”

[Note} Shah Waliullah mentioned in ‘Al-Qawl al-Jamil’ (p.119):

“My master, my father, read the smaller works with his brother Abul Rida Muhammad, and the larger ones with Mir Zahid

from Mirza Fadil,

from Mulla Yusuf al-Kawsaj,

from Mirza Jan and others,

from the verfiying scholar al-Duwani

from his father Asad and others

from the students of al-Taftazani and Sharif al-Jurjani.


And by ijazah from Shaykh Abu Tahir for the Hidayah

from his father

from al-Qashashi

from al-Shinawi

from Abd al-Rahman bin Abd al-Qadir bin Fahd

from his uncle Jarullah Ibn Fahd

from the Mufti Siraj al-Din Umar bin Abd al-Rahim al-Qahiri then al-Madini

from Allamah Majd al-Din Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Zarandi al-Madani al-Hanafi

from the Shaykh of the Hanafi’s Imam Amin al-Din Yahya bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim al-Hanafi al-Aqsarai al-Qahiri

from the chief judge Zayn al-Din Abu Bakr bin al-Hussain al-Uthmani al-Maraghi

from al-Hafidh Alamuddin al-Qasim bin Muhammad bin Yusuf al-Barzali1

from Imam Muzaffar al-Din Ahmad bin Ali al-Sa’ati al-Hanafi2

from Imam Zaheer al-Din Muhammad bin Umar bin Muhammad al-Bukhari al-Nawjabadhi3

from Shams al-Aimmah Muhammad bin Abd al-Sattar al-Kurdi

from its author Imam Burhan al-Din Ali bin Abi Bakr al-Farghani al-Marghinani4

Then Shaykh Burhan al-Din Ali bin Abi Bakr al-Marghinani the author of ‘Al-Hidayah’ took fiqh from Sadr al-Shahid Hussam al-Din Umar5bin Abd al-Aziz bin Umar bin Bazah6

from his father Burhan al-Aimmah abd al-Aziz7 bin Umar bin Bazah

from Shams al-Aimmah Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Sahl al-Sarakhsi8

from Shams al-Aimmah Abd al-Aziz bin Ahmad al-Halwani9

from Qadi Abu Ali al-Hussain al-Nasafi

from Imam Muhammad bin al-Fadl al-Bukhari

from Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Subadhmuni

from Abu Abdullah bin Abi Hafs

from his father Abu Hafs al-Kabir

from Imam Muhammad bin al-Hasan

from Abu Hanifah

and also from Abu Yusuf from Abu Hanifah.”

1Al-Shafi. The Muhaddith of al-Shaam and author of ‘Tarikh al-Kabir’. He passed away in the year 739 Hijri. (Shadharat al-Dhahab 6/122)

2Al-Balbaki al-Baghdadi. He passed away in the year 694 Hijri. (Al-Fawaid p.27)

3The Hanafi jurist of the seventh Islamic century (Al-Fawaid p.183)

4From the major Hanafi jurists, his fame does not require that he be described. He passed away in the year 593 Hijri. (Al-Fawaid p.143)

5Abu Muhammad. He was from the notable Hanafi jurists. He was martyred in the year 536 Hijri. (Al-Fawaid p.139)

6And in ‘Al-Fawaid’ (p.98, 139) it is written as “Mazah” it also like this in ‘al-Jawahir’ (1/320), and Allah knows best.

7He is mentioned in ‘al-Jawahir’ (1/320) and ‘al-Fawaid’ (p.98) but the date of his passing away is not mentioned.

8Al-Hanafi, he was an Imam, a most learned scholar, skilled theologian and debater. He passed away in the year 438 Hijri. (al-Fawaid p.158-159)

9Al-Bukhari al-Hanafi, he passed away in the year 448 hijri (al-Jawahir 1/318, al-Fawaid p.95)

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