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January 27, 2009

Shaykh Abdullah bin Abd al-Qadir al-Talidi

d8a7d984d8b4d98ad8ae-d8a7d984d8aad984d98ad8afd98a-d8a8d985d983d8aad8a8d8aad987d8a7d984d8aad984d98ad8afd98aSalam.  Please find below a brief biography for Shaykh Abdullah bin Abd al-Qadir al-Talidi who currently resides in Tangiers in Morrocco.  As mentioned previously he is described by some as a ‘Salafi Sufi’, mainly due perhaps to his not following strictly following a madhab in fiqh (he has written his own fiqh matn which is not linked to any madhab).  At the same time he is a Shaykh of the Shadhili order and believes in the permissibility of tawassul, the concept of bidah hasanah etc. Jazakhallah khair to Sidi Faruq Uslu for the pictures of Shaykh al-Talidi.

He is the one needy of his Lord, Abu Muhammad and Abu Futuh, Abdullah bin Abd al-Qadir bin Muhammad al-Talidi.

He traces his lineage to Sayyidi Abdullah Ibn Mawla Idris who is buried in Fes, the son of Mawlana Idris the conqueror of the Maghrib, son of Mawlana Abdullah al-Kamil, son of Mawlana al-Hasan al-Muthanna, son of Mawlana al-Hasan al-Sibt, the son of Imam Ali and Mawlatana Fatima al-Zahra, the daughter of the Master of the worlds, Salutations and Blessings be upon Them.

He was born in the village of  ‘al-Saaf’ in the area of Tetuan on Saturday the 15th of Shaban in the year 1347.  He migrated with his father and rest of the family to the city of Tangiers (Tanjah) whilst not 10 years of age.

He memorized the Noble Quran at an early age whilst still a child with his Sheikh Abd al-Salam al-Shaqaq, along with reciting it with a number of other specialists in recitation.  He studied the sacred sciences in the mosques of Tangiers for a period of 8 years, all of which involved a indepth study of a number of texts with the major scholars of the city and those scholars who passed through it.

He studied with:

Allamah al-Hasan al-Lamtuni the ‘Alfiyyah ibn Malik’ a number of times

Allamah Muhammad al-Sukayrij ‘al-Muqni’ in the science of ‘Tawqeet’ and some books of literature.

Allamah Muhammad al-Sahili al-Wasini the ‘Tawhid Ibn Ashir’, the ‘Risalah al-Qayrawani’ and some tafsir.

Allamah al-Haaj Abdullah bin Abd al-Sadiq: ‘Alfiyyah Ibn Malik’, the ‘Muwatta Malik’, ‘Risalah al-Qayrawani’, ‘Mukhtasar al-Khalil’ with the commentary of al-Dardir, ‘Tuhfah Ibn Asim’, ‘Jam al-Jawami’ and ‘Nur al-Yaqin’ in Prophetic biography.

Allamah Abd al-Hafidh Kanun: ‘Al-Sanusiyyah’ in Tawhid, ‘Risalah al-Qayrawani’ twice, ‘Mukhtasar Ibn Abi Jamrah’, ‘Sunan Ibn Majah’ until the chapter of marriage, and some parts of ‘Sahih al-Bukhari’.

Allamah Ahmad Bu Hussein: Tafsir until Surah al-Maida, ‘Al-Jawhar al-Maknun’ in Balaghah.

Allamah Abdullah Kanun: ‘Al-Waraqat’ in Usul of Imam al-Haramain.

Allamah Muhammad Muntasir al-Kattani: ‘Al-Waraqat’, ‘Al-Bayquniyyah‘, ‘Nur al-Yaqin’ and five volumes (ahzab) of tafsir.

Allamah Abd al-Salam al-Khanus: ‘Al-Ajrumiyyah’, ‘Alfiyyah Ibn Malik’, ‘Al-Murshid al-Mueen’ a number of times, ‘Risalah al-Qayrawani’ once, ‘Ibn Bari’ in the recitation of Nafi, a portion of the ‘Al-Shatibiyyah’, ‘Al-Hamziyyah’ of al-Busiri with the commentary of Banees, ‘Lamiyah al-Afal’, ‘Al-Sullam’ in logic and the introduction of  ‘Jam al-Jawami’.

Allamah Abd al-Aziz bin Siddiq:  ‘Sunan al-Tirmidhi’, ‘Alfiyyah al-Iraqi’, ‘Nukhbah al-Fikr‘, ‘Tafsir al-Jalalain’ until Surah al-Hud, aswell as hearing from him some of the books of hadith.

Allamah Abd al-Hayy bin al-Siddiq: ‘Nukhbah al-Fikr’, ‘Miftah al-Wusul’ and a portion of ‘Subul Salam’ and ‘Al-Jawhar al-Maknun’.

Allamah Muhammad al-Zamzami bin al-Siddiq: ‘Bulugh al-Maram’ and a portion of ‘Lub al-Usul’, and heard from him a number of his public lessons.

Allamah al-Mukhtar al-Hassani: ‘Al-Muqni’, ‘Al-Risalah al-Maraniyyah’ in astronomy and al-Tawqeet.

He travelled to Fes and studied with

Allamah Abd al-Aziz bin al-Khayyat: the Introduction to ‘Al-Jam al-Jawami’

Allamah al-Abbas al-Bannani: ‘Tawhid Ibn Ashir’

Allamah Idris Al-Laraki: ‘Mukhtasar al-Khalil’

His stay in Fes was not lengthy due to the instability created by the french colonial occupation.

After this he travelled to ‘Silaa’ where he studied with Hafidh Abil Fayd Ahmad bin Siddiq, he read to him some of the books of hadith and benefitted greatly from him on the science of hadith until he left for Egypt for the last time.

His Sheikhs by Way of Ijazah
He has received Ijazah from a number of notable scholars, amongst them being:

-Allamah Muhammad al-Baqir al-Kattani
-Allamah al-Sufi Ali al-Boudilimi al-Tilmisani
-Allamah al-Hafidh Ahmad bin al-Siddiq al-Ghumari
-Allamah Abdullah bin al-Siddiq
-Their brother the Muhaddith Abd al-Aziz bin al-Siddiq
-Allamah al-Muhaddith, the Musnid of the world of his time, and the chief narrator of hadith of the two holy sanctuaries: Muhammad Yasin al-Fadani al-Makki
-Allamah Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Lahji al-Hadrami, the Mufti of the Shafis in Makkah
-Allamah al-Muhaddith Muhammad Ashiq al-Barni
-The Sheikh of the Shadhili Tariqah in the Hijaz, Allamah Muhammad Ibrahim al-Fasi, the grandson of Imam Taqi al-Din al-Fasi

Teaching: Sh Abdullah al-Talidi after his period of studying stayed mainly in the confines of his home, spending the time studying various Islamic sciences, languages, history and philosophy.  He has a natural inclination towards the sciences of hadith, tafsir, fiqh and tasawwuf.  He has a mosque in which teaches the various Islamic sciences and delivers the friday sermon for more than 25 years.

He has delivered lesson to students in the mosque of Sayyidi Bu Ubaid and Bu Iraqiyyah for some time, aswell as delivering lessons in Tetuan, Marteel, Shafshawan, al-Nazur and many other villages.

In addition he has had the privilege of teaching in the Masjid al-Nabawi al-Sharif for a number of years during the season of Hajj aswell as a number of countries of the Arab world such as Iraq, Kuwait and Algeria.

Sh al-Talidi states that he is Salafi in Aqidah and in terms of his fiqh is upon the madhab of the people of hadith, along with respect for the rest of the Imams and scholars.  He supports and ascibes himself to the true Sufi’s and calls to their being followed, whilst at the same time disavowing the false claimants to sufism.

His published works:
He has a number of published works, both in print others still in manuscript form.  As for the published:

-Ikhtisar al-Istinfar Li hazu al-Tashabbuh bil Kuffar
-Asbab Halak al-Umam
-Al-Uns wal-Rafiq bi Maathir Sayiidi Ahmad bin al-Siddiq
-Buzugh al-Qamar bi Wujub Taqsir Salah al-Safar
-Tuhfah al-Qari
-Tahdhib Jami al-Tirmidhi
-Tahdib Khasais al-Nabawiyyah
-Hayah al-Sheikh Ahmad bin al-Siddiq
-Al-Sarim al-Mubid
-Al-Quds al-Sharif waa Kayf Ahtallahu al-Sahayinah
-Qam al-Aghbiyah bi Istihbab Sad al-Rihal li Ziayarah al-Awliyah
-Al-Mubashirat al-Talidiyyah
-Al-Mubashirun bil Jannah
-Al-Marah al-Mutabarrijah wa Atharuha al-sayyi fi al-Mujtama
-Mashahid al-Mawt
-Al-Mutrib fi Mashahir Awliyah al-Maghrib
-Min Ajaib al-Aqdamin
-Minhaj al-Jannah
-Nashr al-Alam bu Ruyatullah fi al-Manam
-Nasab al-Mawid li dhikr al-fatwa wal-Fawaid
-Al-Wazifah al-Nabawiyyah


-Ithaf al-Muslim bil Zawaid al-Sahihah ala al-Bukhari wal-Muslim
-Ahadith al-Shafah wa Anwa’aha
-Al-Anwar al-Bahirah bi Fadail al-Dhariyyah al-Tahirah
-Bidayah al-Wusul bi Lub Sahih Ahadith al-Ummuhat wal-Usul
-Al-Barahim al-Samiyah fi al-Tawhid
-Takhrij Ahadith Sharh al-Burdah li Ibn Ajibah
-Durr al-Ghamam al-Raqiq bi Rasail Sayyidi Ahmad bin al-Siddiq
-Dalail al-Tawhid min Kitabain al-Maqru wal-Manzur
-Zawaid al-Tirmidhi ala al-Sahihain
-Sharh Minhaj al-Jannah fi fiqh al-Sunnah
-Shifa al-Ilil bi Mulakhdhat hawl ‘Mukhtasar al-Khalil’
-Al-Tarh wal Rafd liman Ankar al-Raf Ind Kull Raf wal-Khafd
-Fadail al-Quran wa Surah fi Sunnah al-Sahihah
-Al-Qunut fi al-Sunnah
-Al-Mubashirat al-Manmiyah Ibar al-Usur
-Mashahir Ruwah al-Sahabah
-Miftah al-Tarikh al-Kabir lil Bukhari
-Miftah al-Mujam al-Saghir lil Tabarani

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum

    Brother I am absolutely delighted that you have posted this biography of Shaykh Talidi! May Allah Ta’ala reward you.

    I would like to inform you that his book “al Anwar al Baahirah fi Fadaa’I’ll Ahlil Bayt an-Nabawi wa Dhurriyyatit-Taahirah” has been published by Daar ibn Hazm!

    I have a request; I intend to translate the above book, which I found amazingly beneficial. I request your permission to use this biography InshaAllah!


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