Sisters Claiming Their Inheritance

The following question was sent to the author of The Beginner’s Gift, Imam Ibrahim bin Hasan al-Mulla:

A man died leaving behind a son and 2 daughters.  The son took possession of all of the father’s property consisting of buildings, animals, money and items.  He did not give his sisters anything from these during his lifetime.  The son died and his sisters are now seeking their share from their brother’s inheritors.  Is it permitted for them to claim their share or not? And can they take the items from their brother’s inheritors?

Imam Ibrahim bin Hasan al-Mulla answered:

The sisters claim is valid and they can take that which is in the possession of their brother’s inheritors.  The only exception being that as long as the sisters did not relinquish their right (to the property) during  their brother’s lifetime.

Reference: Fatawa Ulama al-Ahsa 1/322

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