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December 1, 2007

Tasawwuf from It-haf al-Talib

I decided to jump to the last chapter because of the immense benefits contained within it. Imam Abu Bakr al-Mulla finishes off his text with advice on tasawwuf, in reality putting aside the name, all groups would agree with the contents.


Ending on Tasawwuf: It is to free the heart for Allah (the most High), and to despise all other than Him so be aware of Allah (the most high) in all of your states.

This is by first carrying out all of the obligatory (faraid) acts and leaving the unlawful, then performing the optional (nawafil) and leaving the disliked (makruhat).

Be concerned with your abandoning of the unlawful more than the performing the obligatory acts and believe that you fall short/ are deficient in all that you do and that you have not fulfilled even an atoms weight from the right of Allah upon you.

You are not better/superior to anyone as you do not know how your and his ending will be.

Submit to the will and Qada of Allah (the most high), believing that nothing except that which He wishes occurs.

Beware of observing/prying into the conditions of people, or to watch over them except with that which the sacred law has permitted.

Keep in mind three principles: The first: There is no benefit nor harm except from Him (the most high), and that He has apportioned sustenance (rizq) from pre eternity which will reach you.

The second: that you are a slave (under a contract), and that your master can dispense with you as he wishes, therefore it is despicable for you to hate that which your master does, the one who is more concerned about you than your own self and your parents, and that He is the most wise in His actions, and that He does not wish the harm that comes your way except that it is for your benefit.

The third: The the world is temporary and perishing, and the the next world is forthcoming and everlasting, you are in the world as a traveller and your journey must come to an end with you reaching your destination, so bear with the difficulties of the journey which will be over soon, and strive in the building, repair and adornment of your abode in this short time so as to enjoy it for eternity without any hardship and Allah (glorified is He) knows best.

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Saleh Abu Hashim

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