The Peak of Eloquence

Salam, came across this brief ‘faidah’ from Sh. al-Lahji in his wonderful commentary ‘Muntaha al-Sul’ (3/249), may Allah (the Exalted) enable us to gain more blessings from this painstaking effort of the Sheikh to serve the Shamail. He said:
Umar bin al-Khattab said to Him: O Messenger of Allah, How is it that you are the most eloquent of us when you have not lived away from us? He said: The language of Ismaeel had died out (darasat), Gibril came to me with it and I memorized it’.
Reported by Abu Nuaym in ‘Tarikh Isbahan’ with a weak chain.
And Salutations and Blessings upon the Light which manifested in the month of Rabi
And may Allah have mercy on Sh. Abdullah bin Saeed al-Lahji and all of the Muslims

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