Tried and Tested Tips to Complete a Reading of the Quran in Ramadan


Please find below a series of tips and techniques I have found beneficial in enabling me to complete a reading of the whole Quran al-Karim in the blessed month of Ramadan.

1. Start before Ramadan:  this is vitally important, Mid Shaban should be the latest when you start reciting if possible 1 juz a day.  This means that by the start of Ramadan you will already have at least 10 if not more Juz recited, and you can give yourself some leeway during the month to allow for days when you are not feeling well or are exhausted from a busy work day or family errands.

2. Utilise Technology: At work you can open a pdf of the Mushaf on your screen and when you have a few minutes throughout the day when gaps in work appear – read a few pages in short bursts.  Technically you will not be required to be in wudu as you will not be making direct contact with the Quranic text.  Ideally you should be in wudu, but this can often not be helped in the workplace.

3. Keep a Record: If you complete a juz then send yourself a sms or message to keep a record.  If you dont finish a juz then message yourself the page number or verse number of the Surah you are reciting.

4. Prepare for Your Khatam: With various khatams taking place in the last ten days you can also pick a day for your khatam.  You can choose to donate the reward of your recital to someone and also make dua for yourself and others.  If you are not sure about which duas to recite then please refer to the “Gatherings of Hope” booklet which has duas for Khatam al-Quran and a selection of duas based on Prophetic hadith called “Beneficial Prayers”.

5.  Multiple Khatams: If you have different family members close to a Khatam then stagger the days of Khatam and maximise the blessed opportunities.  

May Allah Taala grant us tawfiq in this month, amin.

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