Tuhfat al-Mubtadi Now On Sale


As many visitors to this blog are aware, we have been working for some time on a beginners hanafi fiqh text from Saudi Arabia entitled Tuhfat al-Mubtadi.  After a long wait, the Karima al-Marwaziyya Foundation (an educational charity based in the UK) have published the Tuhfat al-Mubtadi text and are selling it via their website.  Those wishing to purchase the text and are residing outside the UK are requested to contact the email address on the link below.

The cost of the book has been kept as low as possible, we pray that those who purchase the book will be happy with the quality of the work.




  1. Salam alaykum!
    I am from Germany and would like to purchase this book. I have already tried to contact Karima.org but haven’t received an answer. Could the administrator please contact me?

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