Usuli Text: Sh. Muhammad al-Mulla al-Ahsai

Just discovered yesterday a book I had been searching for sometime, namely:
al-Lafz al-Maqul fi Bayan Tarif al-Usul: authored by Sh. Muhammad al-Mulla from al-Ahsa.
I came to know of the work a while back whilst at the home of the authors son (Sh. Yahya) when some of us were reading some fiqh to him and were joined by the a couple of the sons of Sh. Muhammad Awwamah who is based in Madinah. What followed was an enlightening discussion during the course of which Sh. Yahya pulled out from the cupboard in the room the work mentioned above. This book had not been edited by Sh. Yahya, thus he did not have any spare copies which he could gift his visitors from the Hijaz. I too wondered how I would be able to get hold of this interesting work, especially as it was written on hanafi usul al-fiqh which differs significantly from the usul of the other schools.
About the text: It is a beginners guide to hanafi usul al-fiqh based written in a question and answer format, written whilst the Sheikh was in Madrassa al-Sawlatiyyah. The benefits of this work are that it introduces the novice student to the main terms used by the hanafi scholars in their usul al-fiqh texts, along with the brief mention of some examples to illustrate. A welcome read for those who can only find extremely detailed usul texts in bookshops or modern works which are not based on a traditional understanding/grasp of hanafi legal principles.
I thought I would scan a page of the manuscript as reproduced by the editor of the work (Allah reward His efforts).

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