Wasilah al-Talab: The Major Sins

The cover page for Wasilah al-Talab in the pocket sized ‘Thalatha Mutun’ booklet from al-Ahsa

Note: Before I was about to post the message below I rang Sheikh Yahya in al-Ahsa, he informed me that they were working on editing Sheikh Abdullah al-Mulla’s commentary to Wasilah al-Talab! May Allah (the exalted) facilitate its completion. The name of the Pakistani scholar was Sheikh Afdal who resided in Lahore.


As mentioned previously, Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Mulla authored a number of texts, two of them are very similair in content, It-haf al-Talib (which is part of a serialised translation on this blog) and Wasilah al-Talab. The latter text was taught by Sheikh Muhammad al-Mulla to some of his students, and was normally completed in a short space of time. This is the text which was translated into Urdu by a student of Sheikh Muhammad when he returned back to Pakistan (Inshallah am trying to get hold of a copy).
Some of us were also fortunate to read this text in al-Ahsa for the purposes of barakah and clarfication of certain passages with Sheikh Rayed al-Mulla. Please find the following excerpt from the text, May Allah (the Exalted) protect us from all of these:

The Major Sins

From the major sins which make the one who perpetrates them a fasiq are: Killing unlawfully, fornication, theft, consuming interest, false accusations of adultery, drinking intoxicants and abandoning the prayer. Know that you disobey Allah with your body, and it is a blessing from Allah upon you, and a trust with you.

The bodyparts are seven: The eye, ear, tongue, stomach, private part, hand and foot.

As for the eye, safeguard it from looking at the unlawful.

As for the ear, safeguard it from listening to backbiting and lying.

As for the tongue, safeguard it from backbiting,lying, arguing and its like.

As for the stomach, safeguard it from the haram and doubtful.

As for the private part, safeguard it from that which Allah has made forbidden to you.

As for the hands, safeguard them from harming any of the creation, or to use them in that which is not lawful.

As for the feet, safeguard them from walking to that which is detested.

As for the sins of the heart, they are many, the principle ones are four, being:envy, showing off, arrogance and vanity

As for envy it is: to love the removal of anothers blessings

As for showing off it is: to seek a rank/station in the hearts of the creation with an action

As for arrogance it is: to despise another

As for vanity it is: to look to the self with the eye of greatness

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