Wujub al-Darud


Another gem from Imam Abu Bakr al-Mulla’s commentary Minhaj al-Raghib:

“Know that sending salutations upon Him (Allah bless him and give him peace) is compulsory (wajib). There are varying opinions as to when it is compulsory.

One: After the last tashahhud of every prayer according to the Shafi scholars.

Two: After accepting Islam during ones lifetime, atleast once.

Three: Everytime He (Allah bless him and give him peace) is mentioned, this was the view of al-Halimi from the Shafis, al-Lakhami from the Malikis, al-Tahawi from the Hanafis, and Ibn Battah from the Hanbalis.

Four: In every gathering.

Five: At the beginning and end of every supplication/dua. See Sharh al-Safawi Ala al-Zubad.”



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