Two Works On The Dalail al-Khayrat


Apologies for the lack of regular updates.  We have been busy and it has been difficult to write on the blog, additionally any time free was used for the preparation of materials for print.  Alhumdulillah we have been fortunate enough to publish 2 works related to the Dalail al-Khayrat for private distribution (for the moment).  The first work is a study of the Dalail al-Khayrat containing the following chapter headings:

  • A Biography of Imām Al-Jazūlī
  • The Story Behind the Dalā’il al-Khayrāt
  • Praise of the Dalā’il al-Khayrāt
  • The Different Editions of the Dalā’il al-Khayrāt
  • The Dividing of the Dalā’il al-Khayrāt in to Ahzab, Quarters and Thirds
  • Where Does the Dalā’il al-Khayrāt Begin?
  • Reasons for the Differences in the Editions of the Dalā’il
  • The Wisdom in the Mentioning of the Prophetic Names in the Dalā’il al-Khayrāt
  • Examples of the Muslim Communities’ Dedication to the Dalā’il
  • The Recital, Granting of Ijāzah and Recording of Chains of Narration for the Dalā’il al-Khayrāt
  • The Dalā’il al-Khayrāt in the Indian Sub-Continent

The text also includes a fuly vowelled edition of the Dalail (transmission of Sayyid Ibrahim al-Khalifah al-Ahsai) and some chains of narration for the text back to the author.

The second booklet we prepared is the Dua for the Khatm of the Dalail authored by Shaykh Ahmad al-Nakhli al-Makki, who was from the teachers of the teachers of Shah Waliullah al-Dihlawi. His dua is present in a number of the Indo-Pak editions of the Dalail (perhaps being brought back to the Indian Subcontinent by Shah Waliullah ?) but seems to be less popular in the Middle East.  On a recent visit to Makka al-Mukarrama one of the scholars there asked for a copy of this dua after he saw it.   He mentioned to me that he was unaware of Shaykh al-Nakhli having authored such a dua.

Next up inshAllah is to publish the beginners Hanafi fiqh manual Tuhfat al-Mubtadi which we have been working on sporadically since November 2006, may Allah Taala facilitate its completion through His Generosity and Grace.



  1. Assalamu alaikum

    Dear brother

    Where can I get these blessed books?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Your brother


  2. i love dalail ul khairat. this comment is so simple. but to me this love is more credible than any thing in this world. its ocean for me. its mountains for me. its a deep sea for me. its just everything for me. its my life. it has become my life. i pray may i never think of living without this wird and salawat.

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